How to Become an Electrician in Denver

There are many opportunities in the world. It can be difficult to choose a career. As electricians in the Denver area, we can recommend our job as a great career. Working as an electrician allows you to work with your hands, complete projects, and help people accomplish goals. But in today’s society, it can be difficult to figure out how to become an electrician. As experienced electricians in Denver, we know how the process works, and we can help you accomplish your goals and launch your career.

How to Become an Electrician: The Steps for Success

1. High School Diploma: In order to become an electrician, you’ll need your G.E.D. or high school diploma. That math you thought you would never use in school is actually necessary for an electrician. You must have science, one year of algebra, and practical courses such as electronics all completed.

2. Get Training: There are a couple ways to get the training you’ll need to become an electrician:

• Electrician Apprenticeship: The best way to get training as an electrician is to work as one.  Join an electrician apprenticeship program to get started. You’ll have on-the-job training as well as classroom courses. Completing an electrician apprenticeship takes about 4 years. Look for a program sponsored by NECA, IBEW, or IEC for programs like this.

• Vocational School/ Technical Certificate or Degree: Another course of action is to enroll in a training academy or vocational school. If you choose this route, you’ll get the classroom training and knowledge necessary, but not the hands on experience – you’ll need to find an electrician apprenticeship to get the training you’ll need.

3. Be a Helper: This isn’t an inspirational quote motivating you to help out on the job, it’s a term used for people with a year or more of electrician training. Find a job where you can be a helper. You’ll work alongside a journeyman Denver electrician on a job. If you are starting out as an apprentice, this is where you’ll learn on-the-job while being supervised.

4. Licensing: Each state varies regarding licensing requirements but usually, an electrician must pass a test in order to be a licensed electrician. This test includes knowledge about the National Electric Code, electric and building codes specific to your area, and electrical theory. This link will let you know the electrician licensing in Colorado iff you’re looking into obtaining your electrician’s license in this area.

Become a Professional Electrician in Denver: An Electrician’s Salary

Electricians are skilled at what they do. Each and every day, our expert electricians help people with things they do on a daily basis. Whether it’s fixing that light switch that has been broken for years, rewiring the kitchen for your new remodel and design, or installing the home sound system and hot tub, electricians maintain and install things necessary for modern life. The median electrician’s salary is $49,840 (as of 2012), while the top 10% bring in $82,930 on average. The pay increases as the skill increases, so get started on your career today!

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